Give me a heart that seeks after you,

that longs to be nearer  to you,

That puts you above my greatest joy

and follows wherever you lead

Give me a mind that thinks of you

and meditates on your word,

help me cleanse it of impure thoughts

and anything that shouldn't be there.
Give me a soul that longs for you

and seeks for you more and mor,

Let nothing distract me or draw me away

from my desire to worship you.
Lord help me to be who you made me to be,

Help me to change my ways,

Teach me Lord that I might know you more

For i desire to be pleasing to you.
Give me a heart that seeks for you,

A mind that understands,

A soul that longs for you more every moment

and help me to love and serve you.

Rishie is a 38 year old vision impaired woman who lives in a small town in rural New South Wales Australia. She enjoys singing, writing, knitting, doing her radio shows on the internet radio station and talking to her friends online. She has been a Christian since she was 8 years old and says that her faith is the most important thing in her life.