In 2000, I began to share my thoughts on my personal study of the Bible, with a few friends numbering about 10, through email.  As I shared with these few friends of mine, they in turn sent my emails to others, who requested that i add them to my email list. No long after I started, my list grew to 20, then 50. At this point, it was no longer convenient to send to all those email addresses at once. I began to start thinking of a newsletter engine which would enable me to send my thoughts out at once.

During this period, I took interest in website development. I met a friend online, Pastor Pau lWallace, who encouraged me to create a website for Biblepraise and actually suggested the name. He sponsored the domain registration and hosting of the Biblepraise Website for 2 years. At the same time the Biblepraise Yahoo Groups was created to ease the sending out of our weekly newsletter.

The subscriber base began to grew in leaps and bounds, from hundred to almost two thousand subscribers, not counting other readers who recieve forwarded mails from others.

Today, Biblepraise is officially 8 and we thank God for how far He has brought us. We also thank our contributors who have been our partners through the years and most importantly, our dear readers without whom Biblepraise would not be a relevant tool to impact lives to the glory of God.

We look forward to a new dimension of online ministry, trusting the Lord to guide us through the journey ahead.