We live in a world where everything seems to be moving fast. Technology keeps evolving ways to increase the tempo even further.

I remember when I bought my first computer many years ago. It was an XT  laptop belonging to the family of the 8080 model of computers.  It had a ‘massive’ memory of 512kb  and an ‘awesome’ hard disk space of  2.4MB. I was so taken in with the speed at which this wonder of technology responded to my keystrokes. 

Less than a year however, the wonder of this PC wore off. I realized that I could not run newer software on it and the massive storage I thought I had was nothing to write home about any more. Since then, I have bought and disposed many PCs, looking for more speed and increased functionality and larger storage capacity.

We are indeed living in a fast moving age. We have faster cars, faster trains and are always deploying faster methods of doing things.  Of course we also have fast food for those who do not have time to cook.

As a result of this phenomenon, there is the temptation for us to believe we can fast track  things in the spiritual realm. We want something from God and we want it now. If He appears not to give it to us when we expect, we move to plan B.  It is as if we are telling God, ‘Give me a solution to this problem, but while you are it, let me try something else’.

Our generation does not like to wait for anything. Look at the faces of people on the queue in the supermarket or elsewhere. You can see the impatience either written on their faces or in their body language. We are occupied with so many things and cannot afford to stay too long in one place.

This might be okay in the secular world but when it comes to our living as Christians, we must be prepared for a time of waiting.  I have discovered that everyone has a spiritual waiting room ahead of him. At this place, we cannot move the hand of God faster than usual because for God, it is not about what you want but it is about what He wants to accomplish in your life.  For us to cope well in the waiting room of God,  the Psalmist gives us this golden advice, ‘Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord’ (Psalm 27:14) Observe the emphasis on waiting as the word ‘wait’ appears twice in that verse of scripture. He also says, ‘In the morning Lord, You will hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation’ (Ps 5:3) 

When we make our requests known to God, we can wait in the expectation that He will grant us our requests in accordance to His will.  We must however trust Him to answer us at the appropriate time and this is where we must wait. God is never too late, He is always on time. Our perception of time is different from God’s, His timing is always perfect and precise.

In the book of Isaiah, we have this profound truth, ‘But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.’

I admit that the place of waiting is not an easy place to be but I can assure you, just as the psalmist does, that if you wait on the Lord, He will surely visit you and grant you the desires of your heart. 

We all have various places of waiting. Some are waiting for a marriage partner, some for jobs, some for children and others for various needs and desires. 

I have experienced what it is to wait on God for things that others seem to accomplish without much effort but eventually when my time comes, there is solid assurance that this is indeed from God and when God does a thing, it endures.  

I have the assurance that whatever I am trusting God for He will do it, not just because He can do it but because He is also willing to do it.

Do you mind waiting?