One of the contemporary gospel tracks I love to listen to is, ‘Giants ‘by Hezekiah Walker.  In a powerful song-message, he tells us that giants die and goes further to say that the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

As Christians, we face giants as we fight the good fight of faith. We encounter them everywhere. At work, in school, in our neighbourhood and wait for it…….sometimes in church!

What are giants? They are people, things or circumstances standing in our way, trying to prevent us from achieving our God-given purpose.

Giants are capable of stopping us in our tracks, forcing us to make a U-turn or switch paths.  They intimidate with their sheer size and stature and walk with an air of superiority.

In spite of all these however, there have been people who have defeated giants and we can learn from them, the strategies they used to kill their giants.

After the children of Israel left Egypt, God told them to send men to explore the land of Jericho with a bid to take the land. Then men went but two sets of reports were given to the people. The one given by the majority was that the land was inhabited by giants. According to ten out of the twelve who went, ‘we were like grasshoppers in our own eyes and we looked the same to them’. The remaining two gave their report, ‘The land we explored is good and we are confident that the Lord will give it to us. We know for certain that their protection is gone! - Numbers 14 (.paraphrase mine)

Twice a day for 40 days, a giant intimidated the army of Israel, taunting and daring them to come and face him.  This account is written in 1 Samuel  17. I can just imagine the men in the army of Israel quaking in their tunics while Goliath raged and ranted. After each session, they must have huddled in groups discussing. ‘Did you see his shield? I bet you can’t carry it. It must weigh a ton!’.  ‘Did you see how long and heavy that sword is? One swing would kill four men at once! These and more would have been the talk among then men as they awaited the next taunting session.

One day however, someone came into the camp.  He was not a soldier, in fact, he was on an errand to his brothers who were in the army. He came just in time to hear one of Goliath’s taunts. His reaction was different. Instead of fear, it was anger, instead of running away in fear, he went into the midst of the soldiers to enquire more about this man who dare lift up his voice against the God of Israel.

Shortly after, David not only killed Goliath, he took his spear and cut off  the giant’s head. Notice that even at this time, none of the soldiers of Israel dared some forward. It was when they saw the head of Goliath in David’s hands that it occurred to them that the giant is indeed fallen!

Who are giant killers and what do they have in common.  The first thing I see about giant killers is that they fear no one but God.  David showed no fear at all because he knew the God He served. As far as he was concerned, Goliath was a tiny ant in the sight of God.  He must have been surprised that for 40 days, the army of Israel allowed this man to lift up his voice against the God of Israel and they could not do anything because they were paralyzed by fair.

This is the first lesson to learn about giants. They feed on fear. The more you fear them, the more power you give to them. Have you noticed that they more you are scared of afraid about a situation, the more it seems to loom large and there seem to be no way out of it? The minute you decide to face it headlong, pushing your fears away, you find yourself wondering why you had allowed yourself to be paralyzed by fear all this time! Don’t feed your giants with your fear, you will only empower them more!

Another lesson we learn from giant killers is that they know their God. The Bible says, ‘but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God] (Daniel 11:32b. Amplified Bible)

Most of the time we are afraid of people, circumstances and situations because we lack knowledge of who God is. We are afraid when we fall sick because we do not know that we have a God who heals. We are afraid when the human agents of the devil fight against us because we do not know that ‘Greater is He that is us than He that is in the world (1 John 4:4)

We are afraid when faced with financial trouble because we do not know that, ‘He gives us power to get wealth (Duet 8:18)

Be a giant killer today. Remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

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