One thing I  have experienced constantly in my life as a Christian, is that God always has someone prepared to help you move from one phase to the other.

Most of the time, the people God sends our way to assist us are not the ones we focus on. They are most often than not, the people we least expect, so much so that when they come into the space of the undiscerning, they often view the intrusion with suspicion and mistrust. I have learnt to discern and to appreciate the people God thrusts into my life to provide support and assistance in various ways.

On the morning of our wedding, two things happened that I would always remember. The first was that due to some last minute communication breakdown, my best man could not make it to the wedding. Maria was upset about it but I told her, ‘Do not be upset, the most important people at the wedding are the two of us. As long as we are both there, everything is fine’.

I got to the church early that morning to see the youth of the church decorating and cleaning the church. By the way, we were getting married in a church where we were not known but accepted since our local church had given us references. Despite not knowing us, the young people trooped out in numbers and ensured that the hall was cleaned and ready.

I thanked them and just as I stood by watching the activity, I saw a young man who appeared to be the one coordinating as well as being part of the cleaning crew. I walked up to him and asked him, ‘Do you have a navy blue coat?’ Puzzled, he replied, ‘Yes I  do’.  I dipped my hand in the bag I was carrying with me and gave him a replica of the shirt and tie I was wearing and I told him, ‘You are my Best Man’. I walked away leaving him with his mouth agape in surprise. I dare say he played the role well and my wife could not hide her surprise when she came to church to find that I had a Best Man standing with me.

The second memorable event was that on the wedding morning, I had no means of transportation to church. That however, was not a problem for me, I was ready to walk to church if need be. As I went to see how Maria’s preparations were going, two luxury cars were driven into the residence and I was informed by my sister-in-law’s husband that both cars were for our use for the day. This came from a totally unexpected source.

Joseph was an unlikely candidate for the position of Prime Minister of Egypt, having been sold into slavery and convicted for a crime he did not commit.  When God raised Moses to lead the children of Israel out of bondage, he was a rather unlikely candidate for that position. Forty years earlier, he had run away from Egypt with a murder charge hanging over his head.

The disciples of Jesus were according to scriptures, ‘unlearned men’. They were fisherman, tax collectors and labourers. Yet they made such a tremendous impact through their teachings that the religious leaders were amazed, knowing from the way they spoke, that they did not have any formal education.

After our wedding, we moved to the small flat that I rented. It was empty except for a single mattress in the room. For the first time in many years, I finally had a place I could call home. My wife and I were not bothered that the flat was devoid of furniture, we were just happy to be together and to have a place of our own.

We prayed and trusted God for provision and I testify that He came through for us. One year later, had to hire a truck to move our property to a bigger flat. By this time, he had blessed us with our son, Praise.

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