Heaven . . . Can’t Wait
By LaRose Karr

The current bible study I am leading is “Getting to Heaven” by Don Piper and Cecil Murphey – Departing Instructions for Your Life Now.

Wow, what a topic and how fun it is for Christians to study. The youngest girl in our group is nineteen and the oldest is eighty-nine. We have a seventy year age span in our little group of ladies and somehow I think it’s very appropriate that God’s women study in such a diverse group. None of us are closer to heaven than the other.

The youngest is not farther away from glory than the oldest or those in between. Any day could be our day to be transported to glory.

Recently the Lord opened my eyes to some things we say about heaven that are not accurate. In life on earth, we sometimes customize God to our liking. We have many religions to prove that. We also like to customize heaven to our wants and perhaps needs.

Heaven is the dwelling place of the Lord. We know from biblical truth that Jesus sits at the right hand of the father. It is a place such as our human eyes have never beheld before from the gates inlaid with pearls to the streets of translucent gold. How about living water? Love everlasting. And I could go on, and on, and on.

But here are some things I’ve heard lately and I had to stop and think hard about what is not.

Heaven is not made better when our friends and relatives arrive.

That sounds harsh but who is God? Is he a God that can be enhanced by mortal man? He was and is, his glory is displayed in the heavens, above and below the earth. And all of creation sings to Him.

This fact was brought home to me by a video by Louis Giglio in which he plays sounds of Pulsars (stars) and whales and humans singing. Each has a distinctly unique sound but when brought together creates a delightful mash of worship with a mere sampling of God’s creation.

What does God hear from the throne when the entire world of galaxies and creation sings to him alone? It’s beyond what I can imagine or dream but my hope is to someday be there and experience it all.

No, Aunt Lou doesn’t make heaven a better place.  Joe doesn’t go to heaven and suddenly it is enhanced by his appearance. I once heard a young girl say that Grandma was mopping the floors in heaven because it was raining on earth. We don’t go bringing our talents and suddenly are star performers in heaven’s choir. None of that happens even though it comforts people to say so.


What happens is our war weary souls who have done battle on earth are now accepted into the holy of holies in the presence of the Lord of Creation, the ruler of heaven and earth. We are enhanced by his glory, power and majesty. We are better because of his goodness.

It’s a glorious thing to ponder. A mighty thing I’m sure to behold and if you’ve not accepted Jesus into your heart for a glorious relationship with him, I beg of you to do so today. Experience heaven for all it has to offer you! There is not a more awesome thought than that of heaven.

And while we who are here on earth wait, you can live it in your heart each and every day as you grow to be more Christ like in your journey and your mission. Then, someday your work on earth will be done and you too will go home to a glorious, awe inspiring place such as we have never experienced before.

He, alone, deserves the praise and Glory.

LaRose Karr is a freelance writer and speaker. She enjoys speaking and ministering to God's people and loves leading bible studies.  She believes her writing is a gift from God and gives HIM all the glory! Her work has appeared in numerous compilation books and devotional guides.  Email: larosekarr@bresnan.net