When we are communicating with people we love, we often ask them, “how are you doing?” I hope when we ask that question, we really are interesting in knowing how they are doing and if we are willing to provide support and assistance where it might be needed.

This piece is actually my personal letter to you dear reader, how are you? I mean how are you, really? We are no doubt living in unprecedented times with the impact of the Covid pandemic changing the way we have lived in the last one year.

Prior to the covid pandemic, the issue of social isolation and loneliness had been on the rise in the UK and elsewhere in the world. This was made worse by the pandemic which forced even the most social of people to restrict their movements. This has led to a rise in the number of reported cases of mental heath issues as many grapple with being alone and not having that physical presence needed for support.

One thing I have personally discovered during this period of lockdowns due to covid is that we all have an inherent need to connect. This was apparent from the way online presence has skyrocketed in the last year. For instance, Zoom recorded over 300 million online meetings in April last year compared to less than 10 million the previous year. 

While it is important for us to connect with other individuals, one main connection without which we can never be truly fulfilled, is our connection to God. We may not be able to physically meet with others due to current restrictions, but no one can restrict us from connecting with God because our connection with God is spiritual.  

I am always encouraged by scripture and one of those that has meant more to me during this period is God’s promise, “Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never abandon you” (Hebrews 13:5) Although this scripture was an instruction for us not to be obsessed with material things, the second part is God’s promise never to leave us or to abandon us. 

There are situations such as the times we are currently living in, when even those who love us dearly, can’t come near us either to protect us or to protect themselves. God is however just a breathe away and is always willing to have a conversation with us if we are willing to engage Him.

There were people in the Bible who became lonely through circumstances beyond their control. An example was the woman with the issue of blood. For twelve years, she suffered from a constant flow of blood which according to Jewish law, meant that she could not associate closely with others and had to live at the outskirts of town. This situation ended when she encountered Jesus. Her faith in Jesus was absolute, so much so that she said to herself, “If I only touch the bottom of His coat, I will be healed” (Matthew 9:21) Immediately she touched him, she was healed.

Although we may be restricted from meeting our fellow brothers and sisters physically, thank God that we have other means of communication through which we can connect to encourage one another. Do not let the enemy isolate you. Reach out to your local church, join Zoom meetings, WhatsApp groups or whatever platform your church uses to connect at this time. 

I conclude this piece by asking once again, “How are you, really? If you need someone to talk to, please free to drop me a note at https://www.biblepraise.org/contact-us I will be happy to chat, pray and encourage you.

Remember, you may feel lonely but you are never alone. God is there, right where you are.