Dear Mr. Hawking,

First let me say that I have always admired you. Your intellectual achievements and your courageous battle against the disease of ALS for all these decades have been an inspiration for thousands of people in this world.

However, when I saw your recent statements on television about how with the law of gravity and physics, science can explain the universe without the need for God I felt moved to write this letter and politely disagree with you.

I may be a simple inspirational writer and not know that much about the laws of the universe. Still, most scientists admit that they don’t know everything about them either.

When I look at this world around me, though, I cannot bring myself to believe that it was made through some random actions even if they took place over billions of years.

Can science explain the millions upon millions of different plants and animals in this single, little world of ours? Can physics tell us why a single cell organism would suddenly divide and form a perfect copy of itself? Can the law of gravity explain how LIFE came from a collection of gases, dust, and particles? Can evolutionists show us why all adaption that occurs in nature has a distinct intelligence behind it?

Can evolution, physics, science, or the law of gravity explain us? Can they explain the love, caring, and compassion that exists in the human heart? Can they explain the goodness, kindness, and oneness of the human spirit?

Can they explain why we care for our sick, handicapped, and aged who can no longer contribute to the survival of our communities? Can they explain our need for something greater than ourselves?

Can they explain our thirst for God? Can they explain LOVE with all of its wonder and power to change lives, make this world a better place, and bring happiness to countless hearts?

Looking at this world with its flowers, trees, Autumn leaves, sunsets, oceans, cool breezes, smiling faces, and caring hearts makes me see not only an intelligent designer, but also a loving Creator.

Looking at this world makes me rejoice in my faith in God, my love for God, and most importantly God’s love for me and everyone in this world. Science will ever be able to explain the JOY that God’s love brings.

I hope that one day you rediscover your own faith and feel that powerful love of God living in your own heart and soul. Until then I wish you well in all you do even if I don’t agree with all you say.

Joe Mazzella lives in the mountains of West Virginia, USA with his wife and three children. He writes articles for local newspapers but derives happiness from the joy and love he shares with others.. Joe can be reached at;