Lately I've started wondering what in the world is in the minds of people? When I teach bible studies to women, I have a statement that I make. "I want you to know the word of God so well that you will not accept any false teaching. There are many authors, books and endless writings out there, but you have to make sure that what you are hearing and putting into your mind lines up with the word of God."

Something that I have witnessed first hand is what I call the "kindergarten" approach to Christianity. Now these are not people who are babes in Christ that I am talking about. I am referring to well grounded, solid people who love the Lord but who follow after the most popular teachings of certain well known writers and speakers.

For years there has been a huge following of one man who I believe has some wrong teaching. His ministry is still solid today, but as I said, some, not all of his thoughts are and were grounded in Christ. However, the Lord has mercy on him. I've also personally seen Christians that had to grow past some of their behavior for accepting his teaching as "God's Teaching" while wounding others in the body of Christ. That's why it is a good thing we humans are not God. We'd be frying people left and right at the first offence. But our God, the God we serve, is slow to anger and plentiful in grace and mercy. (Psalm 103:8)

Another facet of the "kindergarten" movement is that conferences teach you the leading of God. First of all, we go to conferences to be fed and go to a higher level with the Lord to experience Him. But again, if something is being taught that is not biblical, it should be examined. I tend to get a check in my spirit when someone says, "in my experience," or "from all the conferences I've attended," or "in the books I've read." But? But? But? What? What does the word of God say?

Sometimes watching people run after the latest fads in teaching is humorous, yet sad. But remember what happened when a great teacher returned to his hometown? (Matthew 13:57) So they were offended at Him. But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown, and in his own house."

People will run after the newest of the new and the latest or greatest, and reject the cornerstone. And after all, he's the one who knows the secret places of the heart.

Solomon said (Ecclesiastes 1:9) there is nothing new under the sun. That's why preachers have full-time jobs and will continue to do so. People are sheep are easily led astray by everything that is not new under the sun. Or maybe that should read, "not new under the Son!"


LaRose Karr is a wife, mother, church secretary, freelance writer and speaker. She is a CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors Speakers Services) graduate and enjoys speaking and ministering to women. She will be speaker for a Women's Retreat held in Estes Park, Colorado - Oct. 14-16, 2005. Email:  She believes her writing is a gift from God and gives HIM all the glory! Her work appears in the God Allows U-Turns, God's Way, Soul Matters, Cup of Comfort and Smiles! book series.