And he said, 'Please, show me Your glory.' Exodus 33:18 (New King James Version)

Moses had an immense passion to see the Lord and refused profusely to go or do anything if the presence of God did not go before him. When God looked at Moses, he looked favourably at him and he reassured him that he will personally go with him, he will give him rest, he promised him that everything will be fine for him.

Moses' hunger for the glory of God elevated him to his position of blessing. Moses was not a perfect man but his desire for Jehovah God was his drive. Moses said LORD ,SHOW ME YOUR GLORY.

What a powerful request to the Great I AM. Moses in a human state would  not of been able to handle the magnificent glory of God yet God granted him partially that he may see his back.

I admire the earnestness in Moses to want God, to want to see God, to talk to God, to reach out to God and to find God .The church at large needs to have the same cry of wanting God and then only will they see his glory.

I remember going through a tempestuous period and one night in my very own tent of meeting, prostrate before the Lord crying out 'Show me your glory Lord, I am not leaving here until you meet me' I prayed earnestly seeking God and after a long while, nothing happened. I thought maybe I needed to wait a little longer .Not really sure as to what to expect. I thought what did I think would happen, would their be immense light or a loud voice.

I still didn't understand 'a no show God' when I went to bed that night. God did not show up when he should have. The next morning when I woke up, I was not the same anymore. I was stronger, bolder, confident and without fear. God did show up just not like I had expected. I did not have a Moses moment with God but a me moment. God met me and his glory changed me. My storm did not vanish, instead his presence led me through it.

We are so busy placing God in our own image of understanding and we forget that He is GOD. Nothing pleases God more than children that hunger and thirst after him. Every day from then onwards I began to trust his glorious presence was with me always.

Beloved, desire God and his glory daily. In the morning hour and in the still of the night, his glory is present.  God's glory designs us for greater days of rest, peace, success and that all will be fine. We may not be able to physically see God but we are reassured that he is omnipresent.

When God reveals his glory to us, we will be transported from selfishness to selflessness. God gave to Moses all that he could handle. God understood that Moses' boldness desired a deep relationship with him and Moses was passionate about God and in turn God showed Moses that he was passionate about him as well.

God is calling us to a place of passion where his glory is present and his favour is flowing. Lets desire more of God because God desires to be more to us. God wants to place you on the rock (Christ) ,cover you with his hand and show you his glory.

Prayer Thought.

Everyday Lord, let me come before your throne room boldly and confidently that I may obtain grace in times of trouble. Show me your glory Lord as I draw closer to you daily. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Hazel Moodley lives in Durban , South Africa with her husband. They are both youth leaders in their local church and have a five-year old daughter. She can be reached at