Giving is something fundamental, something deeply rooted in the Christian faith. The gospel, meaning ‘good news’ has in its message, the ultimate act of giving. We all have at one time or the other, heard the scripture and probably know it by heart,  “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life’ John 3:16.

 The natural man is innately selfish and full of greed. The spiritual man on the other hand knows that He is a beneficiary of divine grace. He knows that the very life he has, is not even his own but is given by the one who can within seconds, withdraw the breath of his nostrils.

Christ never minced words when he spoke about giving, especially to others. They were clear and direct words, needing no further interpretation. “Give to everyone who asks you for something. Don't turn anyone away who wants to borrow something from you” Matt 5:42 (God’s Word Bible).

To the natural man, this sounds unreasonable and unwise. How and why would you give to everyone who asks you for something? It is not economically feasible to do such a thing, is it? Yet Christ commands it. Christ did not only command it, He exemplified it. “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him” Acts 10:38. (emphasis mine).
We are told that Christ did good; this relates to good works, helping others, meeting needs.

I believe not everyone will come to us for help but God will bring people our way that we might be a blessing to them. They might be individuals or a ministry or a charitable cause. I have also discovered that when an opportunity to give comes up, it is usually because God wants to bless us. Giving is like a key that unlocks further blessings to us. How do I know this? We are told in Luke 6:38 that when we give, it shall be given unto us full measure, shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bossom.

 Let us examine the integral parts of this promise. When you give, you will get back what you gave. Added to this, room must be created for other blessings to be added, this is why there has to be a shaking together.

God isn’t satisfied with what you’ve got there, so he says, “keep pouring until it becomes obvious” So the blessing keeps pouring until there is no more room and it begins to spill over. The spilling over, is actually you being blessed and becoming a blessing to people around you.

Sometimes people do not come to us to ask for help but God shows us the need we can meet in their lives. He shows you that brother who has been wearing one pair of shoe every day since you have known him. Meanwhile you have over 10 pairs of shoes, some of which you haven’t worn in the last six months. He shows you that sister who has been struggling to feed her children without any support and you are able to put a little smile on her face. He brings your attention to that ministry needing funds to operate, knowing that you have enough to send a little financial help their way.

 Away from the money aspect. What some people need from us is a little of our time. They want a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a word of encouragement. Are you able to give this time? Remember what time you give would be given back to you full measure, shaking today and running over by other men.

Biblepraise Fellowship as an online ministry, was started as a means of blessing God’s people and encouraging those who are discouraged, going through difficult times and need a word or two to lift their spirits. I testify that God’s word is being fulfilled in my life as I bless others.

It works! God has moved men at different times, people I have never seen before, to bail me out of difficult situations. Sometimes I spend hours writing mails or talking to people on the phone; somewhere down the line; there is always someone to encourage me. Whatever I have spent in keeping this ministry online somehow comes back through people God leads to be a blessing to us.

 Finally, let us remember the words of the writer to the Hebrews, “So then as often as we have the chance (opportunity) we should do good to everyone and especially to those who belong to our family in the faith” Gal 6:10.

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 Steve Popoola is the editor of Biblepraise Newsletter and the owner of Biblepraise Fellowship Online at He lives in London where he works as an IT professional. He serves in the ministerial team of his local church as well as in the music ministry. He is the Moderator/Editor of Biblepraise Newsletter. He can be reached through His email address,