By Mary-Ellen Grisham

"And what were you expecting?" the sharp-voiced crow said to the weary donkey.  "Perhaps to be transported on the air to Bethlehem with a young king on your back?"

The weary donkey looked up at the dark black crow, weighed the caustic voice, ignored the rancor, and sighed.  He shook his head and settled into the hay at the back of the enclosure.

"Besides," the scratchy voice of the crow continued, "your gently rocking rhythm may have made an easier birth for the mother there with her son in the feeding trough."

The donkey nodded and turned his eyes toward the infant, who glowed with heavenly light, a beauty he had not seen before.  Shepherds were coming out of the fields toward the babe. A few wooly sheep made their way to the opening; a gentle cow mooed, and the baby smiled.  The shepherds were filled with awe as they entered, their faces reflecting the glorious light.  A young child or two came with the shepherds, holding baby lambs in their arms, their mouths round with awe.


And a star's light hovered over the place of the babe, casting the surrounding land in a radiant light.  A beautiful presence filled the night, an atmosphere of joy and well-being, a feeling that nothing would ever be the same, that something momentous and redeeming and final had occurred-one time and forever!


The man placed his protective arm around the mother, the mother kissed the babe, and the shepherds were filled with wonder and delight.  Soon they left to spread the joyous news of the birth of a savior to the surrounding area.  For once their news was the best good news of all.


The voice of the crow smoothed, and he looked at the humble donkey with kindness.  "Let us hope this news goes out to everyone."


The donkey nodded, and placed his head on his chest.  "Love is with us," he softly brayed.  "Good night, friend crow."


Mary-Ellen Grisham


Mary-Ellen Grisham is the editor of Eternal Ink, a bi-monthly Christian Ezine.