In a recent service in my church, the visiting preacher asked a question, "is there anyone here who does not have a problem or a challenge in his or her life?" No one responded in the affirmative, indicating that everyone had a challenge of problem in some are in their lives.

It was not a question which required a great deal of thought before response. From the time that Adam and Eve representing mankind fell in the Garden of Eden, man began to have problems. Prior to the fall, man did not need to till the ground to make the plants grow. The soil already contained everything the plant needed to grow. All the water needed by the plants came from under the ground continually.

All Adam needed was to 'dress the garden and to keep it" (Gen 2:15) This meant that he was to take care of the garden and to ensure that there was no external intrusion. The enemy intruded and he did what he knew to do best, to kill, steal and destroy. He deceived man and due to man's disobedience, sin came and along came death and destruction.

God, knowing that Adam would fail, had already set a plan in motion for the salvation of man. When man fell, the first sacrifice was made by God. He killed an animal and used the skin to cloth Adam and Eve. (Gen 3:21)

The plan of salvation would require a Saviour who would die to redeem man from the curse of the law and to restore man to the glory he once lost. Entering the scene is our Lord Jesus Christ. His life was spent providing solution to the many problems of man. He preached, taught, healed, delivered and raised the dead. He paid the ultimate price with His life, shedding His blood for the remission of our sins. On the third day however, He rose up from the grave, thereby taking back the authority man lost in the garden of Eden.

Problems abound today no doubt. However, we have a problem solver in Christ Jesus. He gave us His word that whatever we ask in His name, He will do it ( John 14:14) He also told us that if we have a mountain facing us in our lives (problems, challenges, trials, adverse situations) all we need to do is to apply our faith and move those mountains in His name.

Why do we still have problems in spite of giving our lives to Christ? I believe the first reason is that if we live a problem-free life, we become careless, lethargic and spiritually lazy. This makes us vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. We need challenges of life to keep us on our toes because we have an adversary who like a roaring lion, seeks whom he would devour ( 1 Peter 5:8 )

Trials are meant to make us strong not too destroy us. Do not look at our problems as if they are sent to keep you under. Rather look at them as something placed there for you to overcome!

Secondly, sin is a problem creator. The action of a sinner can affect the lives of people around him/her. An unfaithful husband would bring pain the heart of his family; a prodigal son will bring pain to the heart of his parents. Corrupt leaders by their actions affect the economic well being of the citizenry negatively.

Do you have problems? There is only one problem solver; He says, 'Come unto me all you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest"


Steve Popoola is the editor of Biblepraise Newsletter and the owner of Biblepraise Fellowship Online at He lives in London where he works as an IT professional. He currently serves in the worship team in at  his local church and on occasion, speaks at invited events. He is the Moderator/Editor of Biblepraise Newsletter. He can be reached through His email address,