I know some of my friends who love cars. Let me rephrase that; I know some of my friends who are crazy about cars. They can be talking with you one minute and stop mid-sentence to stare at a car passing by which catches their fancy.  When they talk about cars, you know from their expression how passionate they are about those four legged creatures.

There are others like me however, who love to drive. Unlike the described earlier, I am not crazy about the make or the model of the vehicle. Just give me a strong car with ability to respond to my need for speed and you can be sure that I will do justice on the wheel within reasonable and legal limits though.

There is something about people who love to drive. No matter how good the person driving the car, they will not feel completely at ease especially if the driver is not someone they are used to. Over time, they relax when they realize that the person is as good as they are or even better.

This is the attitude of many of us when it comes to the vehicle of our life. God has offered to drive us through the very treacherous road of life but many times we want to take the wheels and drive ourselves. We do not feel comfortable having the divine hands of God to drive is through the journey called life. We want to have control, having confidence in our ability to find our way.

A couple of years ago, I drove to another state some 300 kilometres away from Lagos, where I live. At certain places on the highway, there were gaping potholes. Because I did not know the road too well, I had it rough up till a certain point when I began to observe the movement of some transport buses ahead of me. As they moved from one lane to another I followed, realizing that they knew the road so well that even before the bad part of the road looms ahead, they would have changed to the better lane.

Our journey through life is one God knows so well. Many of us are having it rough because we insist on driving ourselves. We think we know they way and so we take over until we receive several knocks and then come running back to God. Graciously He takes over and we realize how smooth the journey is when He takes the driving seat.

The disciples of Jesus were in a similar dilemma in the middle of the sea. Jesus was asleep in the boat when a tempest began. They battled with the boat trying to make sure it did not capsize. These were professional sailors and fishermen. They knew all about riding the storms at sea but this was unlike any they had seen before.  When they had done all they could, in exasperation they woke up Jesus and said, ‘Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?’ (Mark 4:38) Jesus responded, ‘Why are you so afraid?’ Three words were enough for the boisterous winds to calm down, ‘Peace, Be Still! (Mark 4:39)

I have heard a number of people I have encouraged over the years asked a similar question, ‘Does God really care about me?’ My response is to smile and encourage them that He indeed does care. I have been there before and I know how it feels when it looks like all you have done isn’t good enough to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

It is time for you to leave the driving seat! Let God have control over your life. Hand over your plans, decisions and ways to Him.  Then and only then, will you begin to ensure a peace that passes all human understanding (Phil 4:7)

When next you feel things are not moving in the right direction in your life, pause a bit and ask yourself, ‘Who is in the driving seat now?’

Steve Popoola is the editor of Biblepraise Newsletter and the webmaster of Biblepraise Fellowship Online at http://www.biblepraise.org . British by birth, He currently resides in Lagos , Nigeria with wife Maris and their children; Praise, Stephanie and Precious. He works as an IT professional in a bank. He presently serves as Church Secretary  and Head of Music Ministry in his local church. He is the Moderator/Editor of Biblepraise Newsletter. He can be reached through His email address, steve@biblepraise.org