My youngest daughter and I went out a couple of days ago. On our return, she let slip that her she and her siblings have a suprise for me. She was quick however to add that it was a secret and that I wasn't meant to know.

I know that with Fathers' day being around the corner, the suprise would have something to do with that. When I asked if it had to do with Fathers' day, she told me, "It's not what you think, daddy"

Her expression was a give away but I pretended she had me fooled.
On Sunday, when we returned from Church, they all gave me their suprises packages, handmade cards and poems written to wish me Happy Fathers day.

As I recieved the 'gifts' and hugged them, I thought of those who no longer had earthly fathers. To be precise, I thought of the families of the plane cr...