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by Steve Popoola on
In Proverbs 4:20-22, A Father was giving advice to his child on what to do to achieve a full life and wholesome health. He starts by saying, "My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen carefully to my words" (V4)  In order to be the people that God has called us to be, we need to pay attention to His word. As parents, when we have something important to say to our children, our tone and the manner of our conversation is usually different. They instinctively know that what we are about to tell them is important and that it is in their best interest to pay attention. In Acts 3, Peter and John went to the temple one afternoon and came across a man lame from birth, sitting at one of the entrances of the Temple called the Beautiful Gate. Every day, this man wo...
by Steve Popoola on
In most religions of the world, adherents are instructed to strive to do good in order to earn the right to an after-life of peace and enjoyment. At the end of your life, you are judged on how good you have been and weighed on how bad you have been to determine how or where you spend eternity. The absoluteness of this may have brought about the teaching and belief in purgatory where people would have a chance to suffer for a while by paying for the bad things they did while they were on earth. This encouraged the giving of penance here on earth to reduce the time that will be spent in such a place.This point brings me to something that Jesus didn’t say. He never said that there would be a place of temporary punishment before going to heaven
by Steve Popoola on
Many today are still wondering whether God still speaks to us. Some church denominations even believe we are no longer in the dispensation of God speaking to His people and that no one should expect direct communication from God to His people.

I read an article from a Theologian who believes that God no longer speaks to us because His word is already given to us in the Bible. He based his argument on the fact that God spoke in Biblical times because as at that time, the work of redemption was in progress and therefore God needed to speak to man at various times.

Now I am not as knowledgable as that historian but I know that even after Jesus went back to heaven, God spoke to the Apostles in various ways apart from his written word. Acts 10: 9-16, Acts 13:2.

If God does not speak to...
Steve Popoola
Steve Popoola is the editor of Biblepraise Newsletter and the founder of the Biblepraise Fellowship Online. He lives in Kent, United Kingdom, where he works as an IT Professional. He serves currently as a Worship Leader in his local church and on occasion, speaks at invited events.

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