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by Steve Popoola on
As Christians we are called into a forward motion. No matter what we achieve in our spiritual walk, there is always more. As we progress in our journey however, there is a temptation for us to stall, backtrack or focus on things that blur the purpose for which God has called us.Paul was someone whose focus was on accomplishing excellence in all his undertakings. He took pride in his Jewish birth as well achievement of excellence in his training as a scribe and Pharisee. Paul was raised according to Hebrew customs.He was a Pharisee. Pharisees were the most religiously conservative group of Jews in his time and they were known for strict adherence to Jewish law and customs. They were particularly noted in the Gospels for their devotion to traditions of...
by Steve Popoola on
I was recently chatting with one of my brothers in Church before Sunday service. We were talking about the impact of the Church should have in the society. He mentioned something that caught my attention. He had come across someone in a town where he had gone on holiday. As he chatted with her, the discussion moved to belief in God. At this point, the woman commented, “I don’t really care about God”. He then asked her whether she knew what the Bible stood for. She said no. Then he told her, “The Bible stands for ’Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth’”, That got the woman’s attention! She had never heard that phrase before and to be honest, neither had I until that moment. Since that chat, I have been thinking about that phrase and the more I thought about...
Steve Popoola
Steve Popoola is the editor of Biblepraise Newsletter and the founder of the Biblepraise Fellowship Online. He lives in Kent, United Kingdom, where he works as an IT Professional. He serves currently as a Worship Leader in his local church and on occasion, speaks at invited events.

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