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by Steve Popoola on
Let’s face it, if life was hard before 2020, it became harder in 2020 and we are not even out of the woods yet in 2021. One thing I love about the Bible is that it is not just a Book of instructions and commands, it is also a story of God’s love for man woven through the lives of men and women who who lived for God and taught us what it means to experience God’s faithfulness even in the midst of trouble and uncertainty. No doubt we live in uncertain times. The impact of COVID on the economy of nations as well as families and individuals will be felt for years to come. It is important that we in times like this, we keep the faith. In order to understand what it means to keep the faith, we need to understand what faith is in the Christian context. The scriptur...
by Steve Popoola on
Unless you have been living in another planet within the last few weeks, by now you already know of Coronavirus which the World Health Organisation recently declared as a global pandemic. Little did anyone know that what started as a localised infection in a small community in China would eventually move swiftly across borders infecting and killing people in various countries of the world.Expectedly, the immediate reaction of many has been fear. Governments of many countries have closed schools, restricted movement and taken measures to ensure that the virus does not spread among its populace. Anywhere you turn, you can see that people are afraid although as it is typical for the British, many are putting up a brave face although you can see them flinch if yo...
by Steve Popoola on
In the last couple of days, I have been reading scriptures and devotionals on prayer and I dare say that it has increased my desire and passion towards prayer. It also gave me the opportunity to understand the power that prayer can unleash if we only understand the gift and power that has been placed into our hands as believers. I ask the question, ‘Why Pray?’ because I have found out that in life, if you do not understand the ‘why’ then you will not value the ‘what’. There are various references in scripture which you may have become quite familiar with; “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Watch and pray s...
by Steve Popoola on
It is amazing how God speaks to us through our everyday living. I was on a rush from the gym one morning, heading to the train station. I felt that if I drove a bit faster, I would make it to my train on time.

I overtook the car in front of me because I felt the driver was not going fast enough. A few minutes later, I came to a red light and had to stop. Seconds later, the car I overtook stopped in the next lane next to me.

At that point I felt a bit stupid and laughed at my foolishness. Here was I in a hurry and trying to milk as much speed as I could get within the legal limit and right beside me was someone else driving with ease as if he had no real destination in mind, yet we were both stopped at the red light even though I had left him behind a few minutes ago.

by Steve Popoola on
He had never known the privilege of seeing what the sun looked like even though he felt the warmth. He knew the relief of having a drink of water after enduring the heat of the sun, but he never knew what it looked like to the eyes. He heard people talking about colours but he did not know what colours looked like. He was born into a family and knew them all by name and by touch but had never seen his parents or siblings ever since he was born.

Having no sight meant that he could not work and not working meant that he would have no means to feed or cloth himself. Only one option was open to him if he was to survive; rely on the sympathy of people to give him alms. Thankfully his was a religious country where giving of alms is an important part of their belief, so he was guaranteed to ha...
Steve Popoola
Steve Popoola is the editor of Biblepraise Newsletter and the founder of the Biblepraise Fellowship Online. He lives in Kent, United Kingdom, where he works as an IT Professional. He serves currently as a Worship Leader in his local church and on occasion, speaks at invited events.